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How to Get Low Cost Pay-per-click (PPC) Traffic for Your Money Making Website

Google AdWords and Yahoo Search Marketing are the Pay-per-click (PPC) adverising programs that can bring instant targeted traffic which can be converted into AdSense revenue and affiliate commission. But this 2 PPC advertising programs are crowded with tons of advertisers and thus making pay-per-click cost expensive. So how to get cheap PPC traffic? The solution is simple, look for an alternative of Google and Yahoo that has small advertiser network. Here's are some of the alternatives that can offer lower pay-per-click advertising cost:

Bidvertiser is the first pay-per-click advertising program I use when I first launched my content-based website one year ago. It brought me over one hundred targeted visitors daily with an average cost of $0.07 per visitor. And with the traffic from Bidvertiser, I made about a net profit of $10 AdSense daily (Daily AdSense Earning minus daily Bidvertiser Cost). But it doesn't last long, I only make profit in the first six months advertising in Bidvertiser's network. I'm not sure the reason, may be my site has get too much exposure in Bidvertiser's network of sites and getting only repeat visitors that aren't converting.If you just started making money from a website or haven't try PPC adverising program yet, you may consider testing drive Bidvertiser. Bidvertiser has a huge nembers of websites in their network. The websites are divided into a list of categories. Advertisers can choose to display their contextual ads in any categories and bid for the amount they willing to pay per visitor sends to their websites.

Some Tips for Using Bidvertiser

  • Don't just advertise in the categories related to your site only, try also other unrelated categories for more traffic.
  • Set your bid below $0.10.
  • Set Your daily budget less than $10.
  • Results are not guaranteed, If it isn't work for the first few days, then you should stop using it.

increase search engine traffic

Another pay-per-click advertising company that works much the same as Bidvertiser. But the cost to advertise is a little higher. You need to pay between $0.10 to $0.20 per visitor. I have tried for several weeks, it also help me in increasing my AdSense revenue.

I have not yet set up a campaign in searchfeed, but I think searchfeed can bring low cost targeted traffic too. Seachfeed is my next PPC advertising network I'll use when I out of traffic.

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