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Money Making Opportunities

Job-A-Matic is an alternative of Google AdSense. It offers webmasters and bloggers an opportunity to generate online revenue by adding paid job listings on websites and blogs. There are 2 ways to make money with Job-A-Matic:

1) Sell Job listings to employers
You charge employers a fee for placing job ads/listings on your site and share with Job-A-Matic on all the revenue earned from selling job listings at 50:50 basis.

2) Earn Click Commission Displaying Job-A-Matic's Job Listings
Job-A-Matic has a job datebase called Simply Hired's database containing more than 5 million job offers. You can choose to display Simply Hired's database job listings and earn 30% of the revenue generated from visitors clicks on the paid job listings of Simply Hire's Database.
You are allowed to use both on your website or blog. Minumum payout is high. You need to reach $500 to request a check payment. But Job-A-Matic states that if you can get companies to advertise job offers on your site or blog, charging them $100 to $200 per listing is fairly standard.

Know More Media
Know More Media is looking for people to contribute to their open business blogs. The topic of the blogs include:

  • Automotive Construction
  • Customer Service
  • Finance/Banking
  • International Business
  • Real Estate
  • Sales/Marketing

    The requirements of the blogging positions are a little strict:

    - The author must be passionate about the topic.
    - The author must be an expert on his/her topic.
    - Good writing skill.
    - Unique voice. You need to have a singular, identifiable
    voice that people want to listen to.

    They didn't mention about the pay. But I think the pay must be good.

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