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Voice Sells More For You (Vocalix)

There's a new service from Vocalix which lets you create talking websites and talking emails in just seconds. It's as simple as using the phone! In fact, businesses can also use Vocalix to collect customer voice testimonials using a tollfree number. As you know, the world's best marketers all agree that testimonials can increase sales by up to 400%!

Vocalix allows you to easily record you or your customer's voice by phone, and then to publish it instantly on your website and emails. Vocalix is designed to be easy to use, and combines state-of-the-art technologies, with a patent-pending system to help businesses maximize their sales and profits.

Features and Benefits

Deliver key marketing messages
Don’t expect your visitors to read all the information on your page. Tell them exactly what you want them to hear and point them where you want them to go.

Build credibility and trust
As you probably know, internet fraud is becoming increasing common. Be someone your visitors can trust by adding voice and truly connect to them.

Explode conversion rate
Use the power of audio to convert your potential visitors into paying customers. You could achieve up to four times your existing conversion rate in less than 2 weeks.

Make visitors stay longer
Use the power of the human voice to make people want to stay longer on your website and finally buy your product.

TEN Gigabytes of streaming audio every month
Vocalix’s members can stream up to TEN Gigabytes (that’s 10 billion bytes) of audio to your customers. To ensure that your audios keep playing, additional bandwidth can be added as necessary.

Click here to visit the site for more information.

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posted by Ville @ 10:48 AM,
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At July 11, 2007 at 9:43 PM, Anonymous trevor Ginn said...

I have to say that I always find talking websites massively annoying.

If you use a search like this it should be easy to turn off


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