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NO ONE knows exactly what the SE's look for when they show a site at the top of their results. There are, however, many optimization techniques used that have proven to provide great results.

Some of the techniques I will tell you about here are techniques that I have personally gotten great results with. I will also tell you about some small things that many SEO experts say are a good thing to do. SEO is something that is frequently changing but if you learn at least the basics you wont go wrong.

There are many different opinions on exactly what SEO is so I will tell you mine. SEO means you are optimizing your website in order to gain top SE placement, this means link building, obtaining the right key word density on pages, creating allot of content and having good clean html code to give a very basic explanation.

So lets get started. I will use this website as an example when going through techniques.

Domains - Many say having your keyword in the URL of your site is very important. In my opinion it is not as important as it was in the past but it definitely would not hurt to go ahead and do so. My main keyword is 'make money online' so i have money and online in the URL. Keyword density is important on page so I figure it is important in the URL as well. Too much of any keyword is bad so I try to have about 60-75 percent keyword density in my URL.

META Tags - Probably the two most important parts of Optimizing your code that really need to be right are the title tag and description tag. Here is an example of what i'm talking about:

<title>SEO Optimization</title>
<META NAME="description" content="Obtain top Search Engine results with SEO Optimization">

Title - Make sure your title is TO THE POINT. Do not add anything extra. Whatever the main keyword for the page is, is what the title should be, no more no less. That brings me to another point, having different titles for each individual page. I have come across many sites that either do not have title and description tags at all or have the exact same ones for every page on their site. It is very important to establish a main keyword for each individual page and place the exact keyword in the title tag. You should not have the same title in any two pages.

Description - Use the same advise I gave for the title tag when creating the description but you can add a little more than the keyword in here. Do not make the description too long. I recommend somewhere around 6-10 words. The description should be on every page as well. The description should be different for every page and unique to that individual page.

Keyword Saturation - The number of times your keyword shows up on each page is very important. The phrase keyword saturation refers to the number of times your keyword shows up on any given page. Each page on your site should have a different main keyword. You need to use this main keyword so many times in your page. I have seen that the best results occur using your keyword approximately 6 times for every 400 words. Of course you can do a a little more or a little less just don't get carried away.

Keywords - In the old days of Internet Marketing a webmaster could obtain top SE ranking just by stuffing their keyword meta tags full of their keyword without any SEO optimization. Those days are gone along with the importance of the keyword meta tag. Many webmasters continue to use this tag like myself, just in case but I have not noticed any kind of an effect nor have I heard others talk about one. This is what the keywords meta tag should look like:

<META NAME="keywords" content="SEO, optimization, search results, website">

HTML Format and then the Meta Tags. - The basic format of any html page should begin with then , followed by closes the initial one and then , after this tag the main body text should be in there taking up most of the contents of the page, at the end there should be a tag and the very last thing that should be on every page is There are allot of other tags and code that can be put into the code but make sure all the mentioned tags are in the order above.

Underlining and Bold Tags - These tags show the SE spiders that the text inside them deserves a little more attention as you are emphasizing them to your viewers. You can place these tags around any important words in your page. Do not use them too excessively but try to get them in there every now and then. The bold tag looks like this: <b>keyword</b> and the underline tag looks like this <u>keyword</u>


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At July 3, 2007 at 9:10 PM, Blogger Priscilla Ortiz said...

Great info!!

At July 9, 2007 at 2:47 PM, Anonymous trevor ginn said...


Good post

I recently wrote a similar article on my blog:


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