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Make Money With AGLOCO

make profit with agloco
What does AGLOCO mean?

In case you're wondering AGLOCO stands for A GLObal COmmunity. Another strange marketing choice is that when they write the name of the company, they use all capitals, but in the actual company logo, they use all small letters.

They are willing to give you money simply for browsing online.

Make More Money With AGLOCO
You can make even more money from AGLOCO by referring your friends. This is so much better than normal affiliate programs. In most programs, you get a dollar or two for referring someone once and then that's it. With AGLOCO, you get money for every one of your referrals every month as long as they all keep surfing the web with their toolbars. You can be pretty sure that everyone who signs up will keep earning money for you (and for themselves) month after month.

The other great thing about referring friends here is that they'll thank you because you are not selling them anything, you are giving them a way to get paid for doing the same thing they would do anyway. You can't argue with that. If you prefer to just get paid for your own surfing and not sign people up, that's OK too. It's up to you. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me that you would want to help your friends make money while making more of it yourself too.

How AGLOCO Works
Members simply download a viewbar that stays open while they are using the Internet. The viewbar is about the same size as toolbars you may have already added to your browsers for other applications such as the Google, RoboForm, Alexa, Yahoo!, AOL, and the StumbleUpon toolbar.

AGLOCO will be generating money for its members in several ways. A few are listed here, more detail is available on the AGLOCO site.:
  • Search - The viewbar has an Internet search box. Search engines pay referral fees to companies when search results are served. (Bet you didn't know you have been generating money for someone else every time you used a search box on a non-search engine site.)
  • Ads - As described above, ads complementing the website your on are available via the toolbar.
  • Commision - If a member buys something online as a result of viewing an ad, the company earns a commission.
Join AGLOCO Here


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