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IBP 9 is actually two tools in one. This SEO utility from Axandra contains IBP for optimization and Arelis for linkbuilding.

IBP has great features for
website optimization, including keyword generation, link optimizer and keyword density reporting.

Arelis, on the other hand, makes the search for potential link partners
less time-consuming and more efficient. The results already give the user an overview of the qualities each site including PR, backlinks, and Alexa traffic. It also helps SEOs keep track of the sites they’ve sent email to, approved of and rejected. Arelis also summarizes all the approved links into one links page. Not only that, Arelis keeps track of all the reciprocal links found active at partner sites.

In addition to that, Arelis also makes site submissions easier for SEOs. Automatic form fillers and submissions cuts the time it takes to manually submit without taking away quality control from the user. Before submitting, SEOs are given a preview of what kind of site they’re putting their link into.

The developers regularly update IBP to keep it up-to-date. The all-new IBP version is a feature complete SEO software tool that helps businesses to promote their Web sites.

The following enumerates some of the best features of IBP 9:

Keyword Editor

IBP’s Keyword Editor tool allows you to quickly create keyword lists based on these keywords. For example, you can combine (permutate) these keywords, you can quickly
create misspellings, keyword phrases, etc. This is ideal for pay per click campaigns

Site Submissions

Get the same results as with manual submissions.
With IBP, you get the best possible results. IBP doesn’t try to trick search engines and IBP doesn’t access submission scripts directly. IBP submits your website just a like real person:
  • IBP opens an invisible MS Internet Explorer window and goes to the search engine submission page.
  • IBP automatically enters all required information in the right edit fields and clicks the Submit button for you.
Not only that you can choose to partition your site submission task between semi-automatic submission for Internet directories, search engines that require a validation code, and your own Internet directories and search engines not included in IBP’s list.

The best feature of all is that IBP produces
professional looking reports for your clients. They are presented in a clear and organized manner understandable even to non-SEOs.

You can download the trial version here. Try it and judge for yourself what makes the IBP-Arelis product better than the rest of the SEO tools in the market today.


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