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Identify the most profitable keywords with Wordtracker

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Wordtracker offers a database of 340 million search queries from which you can query to build keyword lists for use in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.

It offers a massive 340 million keyword database from which you can find out what your target audience are entering into search engines and how many times each keyword has been entered.

  • Find out what your target audience are searching for when searching for your businesses, products or services.
  • Find out what keywords to target when optimizing your web pages.
  • Find out what keywords to target when advertising in pay per click search engines.
  • Find search terms that have few competing web pages in major search engines, which should make it easier to get top rankings for.
  • Spot trends, before your competitors do.
  • Increase website traffic and web site promotion.
This is invaluable insight to help you target your customers in your search engine optimization efforts and pay per click search engine advertising. I probably wouldn't be able to come up with 95% of the keywords that Wordtracker comes up with.

Competition search is a neat feature. It helps you find keywords that have few competing web pages in major search engines. And the fewer pages you have to compete with, the easier it should be to get top rankings.

Wordtracker even offers a mispelling search to help you find misspelled keywords. Sprinkle these into a web page to ensure your page comes up in search results.

I use Wordtracker virtually every day. It's like my oracle. I never write a Google or Overture ad, or optimize a web page, without checking with Wordtracker first to see which keywords I should be targeting. Wordtracker tells me exactly what my customers are entering into search engines.

Wordtracker was the first and still is the best keyword research tool available.
If I had to give up all of my search engine software tools, Wordtracker would be the last one I would give up. It doesn't come cheap, but I think it's priceless. Would I recommend it? You bet!

You can sign-up for a free trial of the Wordtracker keyword research tool here.


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