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Frequency of Posting on a Blog

Some days back I was talking with a fellow blogger regarding a post. In the process, he told me “I would publish the next post a few days later. I want to keep the present post the first one for few more days”. Something in these lines caught my eyes.

What should be the frequency of blog posting?

Professional bloggers say that ideally there should be at least five posts every week.

Why? To retain the readers or to turn new visitors into active and returning readers.

The idea is good if it does not dilute quality of the post and if you are maintaining the blog for professional reasons. Professional reasons may include, staying first in the “latest posts” categories in blog search engine’s result pages for specific keyword search.

I think it depends on the reader base. What they expect from you. If you can feel their pulse, it would be easy for you to decide the number.

In my opinion, if you provides quality material I am sure your readers will come back to read your post.


posted by Ville @ 10:58 AM,
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At August 8, 2007 at 9:39 PM, Anonymous ananlyst said...

I post regularly on my blog and have found that daily posting enables increase in reader base as can be seen on from my blog stats which is providing Stock Market Tips and Money Making Ideas From Websites Which pays


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