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Link Exchange VS One Way Link Building

Inbound Links + Link Exchange OR Inbound Links no Link Exchange?

Link Exchange
With millions of websites exchanging links to improve rankings, these links tend to be free, irrelevant, only with search engines in mind and tucked away on pages stuffed with link exchange partner links.

Now that Link Exchanging has become a major focus in the SEO industry, it should come as no surprise that reciprocal linking has lost the effect that it used to have.

One Way Inbound Link Building
One way links means that a web site links to your web site, but you don’t link back to that web site. One way links are also known as non-reciprocal links. One way links helps you to improve your search Engine ranking, page rank & link popularity.

One way links act as a vote of popularity and usually point to a relevant resource of information, product or service. To find a website that will link to your site without an exchanged link back to theirs is almost an impossible art.

One-way inbound links (even when paid for) are typically carefully placed, not used by the internet masses, difficult to find and not software or bulk e-mail driven. In fact to find a website that will link to your site without an exchanged link back to theirs is almost an impossible art.

Building link popularity these days is not easy because of self-serving reciprocal link exchange programs. But you can increase your link popularity through one-way links by joining OneWayLinkExchange.Net. You will not have to send link exchange requests to anyone for building your website link popularity and hence you will get all links as direct text links pointing to your website.

In contrast to link exchange, one way link building is without doubt a more effective vehicle for building high ranking.


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