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Getting More Links the Easy Ways

One of the more potential ways to increase and generate traffic on your site, and get a higher rank with most search engines is building link popularity with other sites. Not only this allows you to make an extra way of making your site visible with some other sites, but this also allows for your site to gain wide respect and trust from other sites and search engines. I have written below some of the few tips to gain more popularity to get link exchange with other sites.

- Goad other sites to exchange links with your site thru a link contest. This may sound so amateur but people like the thrill of competition. You may publish an announcement that allows for other webmasters and website administrators to join in exchanging links with you for a prize. Just make sure that the contest prize is enticing and attractive enough for webmasters to bite the bait.

- Give out testimonials to some of the products you really like. This may sound very absurd in the first place because it may look like you advertising other products. But then when you share this good words to others, you may also ask the site administrator, in exchange for your testimonial to be published on their site, for your site address to be linked on the testimonial you gave.

- Write authentic articles and allow them to be published. You may want to submit that article on a reputable site and include on that article your link address. People who get interested with your article may directly contact you thru the link provided.


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