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Social Spark - An Innovative Network for Bloggers to Make Money Online

Social Spark is a new social marketing network that impresses me. The site looks interesting and provides quality advertising services.

Social Spark offers a revolutionized advertising market for both the bloggers and the advertisers. It connect bloggers and advertisers through an online advertising marketplace where bloggers can make money online by displaying text, video or images advertisement and writing sponsor posts.

The online marketplace is just part of the Social Spark, another core part is the Social Spark networking platform that allows advertisers and bloggers to network with each other. It works much like other social media sites such as Myspace and Facebooks. Bloggers can create their own profile with content and information to promote themselves and make friends with potential advertisers that could lead to more advertising revenue generated.

In addition to that, Social Spark also emphasizes on quality. Bloggers who post sponsored reviews can disclosure to their readers that they are paid for writing the content. And in the case of sponsored links displaying on blogs, all of them carry the "no-follow" attribute which will prevent bloggers get penalized by the search engines and losing search engines traffic.

If you run a blog to make money online, I would suggest you check out Social Spark. You may find a lot of sponsored post and advertising opportunities that can increase you blog income.

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