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Search Engine Optimization Software
IBP 9 is actually two tools in one. This SEO utility from Axandra contains IBP for optimization and Arelis for linkbuilding.

IBP has great features for
website optimization, including keyword generation, link optimizer and keyword density reporting.

Arelis, on the other hand, makes the search for potential link partners
less time-consuming and more efficient. The results already give the user an overview of the qualities each site including PR, backlinks, and Alexa traffic. It also helps SEOs keep track of the sites they’ve sent email to, approved of and rejected. Arelis also summarizes all the approved links into one links page. Not only that, Arelis keeps track of all the reciprocal links found active at partner sites.

In addition to that, Arelis also makes site submissions easier for SEOs. Automatic form fillers and submissions cuts the time it takes to manually submit without taking away quality control from the user. Before submitting, SEOs are given a preview of what kind of site they’re putting their link into.

The developers regularly update IBP to keep it up-to-date. The all-new IBP version is a feature complete SEO software tool that helps businesses to promote their Web sites.

The following enumerates some of the best features of IBP 9:

Keyword Editor

IBP’s Keyword Editor tool allows you to quickly create keyword lists based on these keywords. For example, you can combine (permutate) these keywords, you can quickly
create misspellings, keyword phrases, etc. This is ideal for pay per click campaigns

Site Submissions

Get the same results as with manual submissions.
With IBP, you get the best possible results. IBP doesn’t try to trick search engines and IBP doesn’t access submission scripts directly. IBP submits your website just a like real person:
  • IBP opens an invisible MS Internet Explorer window and goes to the search engine submission page.
  • IBP automatically enters all required information in the right edit fields and clicks the Submit button for you.
Not only that you can choose to partition your site submission task between semi-automatic submission for Internet directories, search engines that require a validation code, and your own Internet directories and search engines not included in IBP’s list.

The best feature of all is that IBP produces
professional looking reports for your clients. They are presented in a clear and organized manner understandable even to non-SEOs.

You can download the trial version here. Try it and judge for yourself what makes the IBP-Arelis product better than the rest of the SEO tools in the market today.


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Identify the most profitable keywords with Wordtracker

make money online
Wordtracker offers a database of 340 million search queries from which you can query to build keyword lists for use in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising.

It offers a massive 340 million keyword database from which you can find out what your target audience are entering into search engines and how many times each keyword has been entered.

  • Find out what your target audience are searching for when searching for your businesses, products or services.
  • Find out what keywords to target when optimizing your web pages.
  • Find out what keywords to target when advertising in pay per click search engines.
  • Find search terms that have few competing web pages in major search engines, which should make it easier to get top rankings for.
  • Spot trends, before your competitors do.
  • Increase website traffic and web site promotion.
This is invaluable insight to help you target your customers in your search engine optimization efforts and pay per click search engine advertising. I probably wouldn't be able to come up with 95% of the keywords that Wordtracker comes up with.

Competition search is a neat feature. It helps you find keywords that have few competing web pages in major search engines. And the fewer pages you have to compete with, the easier it should be to get top rankings.

Wordtracker even offers a mispelling search to help you find misspelled keywords. Sprinkle these into a web page to ensure your page comes up in search results.

I use Wordtracker virtually every day. It's like my oracle. I never write a Google or Overture ad, or optimize a web page, without checking with Wordtracker first to see which keywords I should be targeting. Wordtracker tells me exactly what my customers are entering into search engines.

Wordtracker was the first and still is the best keyword research tool available.
If I had to give up all of my search engine software tools, Wordtracker would be the last one I would give up. It doesn't come cheap, but I think it's priceless. Would I recommend it? You bet!

You can sign-up for a free trial of the Wordtracker keyword research tool here.


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The Secret of Super Affiliate

Why some people never make money on affiliate programs?

Most affiliate program owners say 80% of their affiliate sales come from 20% of affiliates. Here is the difference between top 20% affiliates and the rest.

Normal Affiliate

Most affiliate program owners tell their affiliates how to "sell," such as providing templates of sales copy and saying where to advertise. Unfortunately, "selling" is not the best way to promote affiliate programs.

You can convince people to buy affiliate products at your site; however, your affiliate link sends people to the affiliate program owner's sales page, where they will get another sales pitch. This is how to send people away.

Good Affiliate

Rather than selling the products, write articles related to the products. If your articles are good enough to make people think you know what you are talking about, you can send a lot of people to the affiliate program owner's site by just mentioning the products. (You don't even need to recommend the products).

On top of that, you will have a better conversion rate. Ken Evoy of calls this "Pre-Selling." You can learn more about Pre-Selling by reading the e-book, The Netwriting Masters Course. (Download the book for free.)

Super Affiliate

There is an even more productive way to make money on your affiliate project. Maybe you've already heard about Rosalind Gardner of She is probably one of many successful affiliate on the Net. She is an affiliate of several dating sites.

Instead of selling or recommending any of them, she writes reviews of each site, good and bad. So, visitors can find enough facts on which service is the best for them. She is helping visitors to make good decisions, rather than selling. Once people find the service they like, there is nothing to stop them from buying. This is how she gets high conversion rates.
Also, because she is an affiliate of all reviewed sites, no matter which site visitors pick, she will get commissions. High demand of dating sites has contributed to her success, but why don't you imitate this winning technique for other products or services?


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Make Money With AGLOCO

make profit with agloco
What does AGLOCO mean?

In case you're wondering AGLOCO stands for A GLObal COmmunity. Another strange marketing choice is that when they write the name of the company, they use all capitals, but in the actual company logo, they use all small letters.

They are willing to give you money simply for browsing online.

Make More Money With AGLOCO
You can make even more money from AGLOCO by referring your friends. This is so much better than normal affiliate programs. In most programs, you get a dollar or two for referring someone once and then that's it. With AGLOCO, you get money for every one of your referrals every month as long as they all keep surfing the web with their toolbars. You can be pretty sure that everyone who signs up will keep earning money for you (and for themselves) month after month.

The other great thing about referring friends here is that they'll thank you because you are not selling them anything, you are giving them a way to get paid for doing the same thing they would do anyway. You can't argue with that. If you prefer to just get paid for your own surfing and not sign people up, that's OK too. It's up to you. It seems like a "no-brainer" to me that you would want to help your friends make money while making more of it yourself too.

How AGLOCO Works
Members simply download a viewbar that stays open while they are using the Internet. The viewbar is about the same size as toolbars you may have already added to your browsers for other applications such as the Google, RoboForm, Alexa, Yahoo!, AOL, and the StumbleUpon toolbar.

AGLOCO will be generating money for its members in several ways. A few are listed here, more detail is available on the AGLOCO site.:
  • Search - The viewbar has an Internet search box. Search engines pay referral fees to companies when search results are served. (Bet you didn't know you have been generating money for someone else every time you used a search box on a non-search engine site.)
  • Ads - As described above, ads complementing the website your on are available via the toolbar.
  • Commision - If a member buys something online as a result of viewing an ad, the company earns a commission.
Join AGLOCO Here


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Make Money On The Internet

Would you like to make money online? You can join the millions of other people who are searching for ways to work online and make money. To make online money, you need to find an online job. Sounds only sensible, right? Many people don’t do enough research when it comes to finding the right business opportunity for them. The auspicious people, who find the business opportunity that’s right for them, will almost surely succeed at it because they enjoy what they are doing. It’s important to know that there is a business opportunity online for everyone. However, not all the jobs online are for everyone.

To find ways to work online and make money, you have to be willing to search for the business opportunity that’s perfect for you. Maybe your friends and family will need to be a large part of the business you choose. You will need to talk with them about what they will be willing to do to help you out. This is important because chances are you won’t be able to do the work alone if it’s a big project.

It’s not always easy to make online money with your own business, but if you stick to it, it can be a very gratifying experience. A lot of people have already made their fortune by working at profitable online businesses. Many have seen their dreams come true for themselves and their family, simply because they took the plunge and applied themselves to making money online. If you really want to succeed at your own business, all you have to do is work at it and do your very best to succeed.

In actual truth, making money online swimmingly doesn’t mean that one have to strictly follow a standard formula. A standard formula would eventually become dated and would no longer work for anybody when more people start to use them. There is no one single formula, as matter of fact there are hundreds, thousands and possibly millions of ways to make money online. There is no true expert on this field; everyone has their very own way that works. Nobody is better than the rest actually.

To make millions online, you need to be imaginative and have a lot of patience. That’s how things are in online businesses. If you do not have patience, determination, intelligence and hard work, you would never make millions online! It requires a lot of perseverance dedicated full time. So, don’t get wild eyed in hearing any online success stories and be gullible enough to think that you can strike it rich and become a millionaire by going online tomorrow. If you feel that that your current comfort zone of working 9 to 5 in a comfortable office is sufficient enough for you, stick to it. Chasing online rainbows are not for lazy bones and day dreamers.

I am not discouraging you from going for online businesses. As matter of fact, I would love to see more and more people achieved their financial freedom through online businesses. My worry is that there are a growing number of people who fail miserably in their attempts to be successful online and that would indirectly give online business opportunities a very bad reputation.


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